OCRdesktop is a useful accessibility tool to grab content from the screen as text via OCR technology. It takes an image of the current window or workspace, prepares it for better results and uses tesseract to recognize text on it. The result is presented in readable form.
Grab the code: Git
You can find the documentation in our wiki.
  • OCR current window
  • OCR whole desktop
  • browsing window (the care browsable text)
  • analyzing window (the words with attributes)
  • simulate a mouseclick (left-, right-, middle- single- or doubleclick, route to) on the object that belongs to your caret position.
  • simulate keystrokes
  • different filters (gray scale, black/white, invert)
  • preclicks (mouse ore keyboard operations that should done before OCR process, e.g. open a menu)
  • macrorecorder (keyboard or mouse)
  • save macros
  • load macros
  • copy result to clipboard
  • hide window (usable in scripts)