Fenrir is a young but powerful, modular and flexible console screen reader. It has a lot of functionality.
Grab the development code here: Git or the stable: version 1.9.3
You can find the documentation in our wiki.
Join the Mailinglist for discussion or help.
  • spellchecker
  • advanced review functionality
  • copy/ paste
  • multiple clipboards
  • share clipboard between x and fenrir
  • not in kernel space
  • echo: word, char and deletion
  • date/ time announcement
  • script key (add functionality via bash and let fenrir read the output)
  • window mode
  • highlight tracking mode
  • easy to extent, plugin architecture
  • promoted words (hear a sound if your name is spoken in IRC)
  • periodic time announcement
  • everything configurable
  • emoji replacement :) = smile
  • user defined dictionary
  • multiple keyboard layouts
  • sound icons themes
  • event based architecture
  • multprocessing
  • custom commands and trigger scripts
  • Autoencoding
  • Leave review on typing
  • detection for plugged devices
  • settings via CLI parameters overwriteable
  • Translation i18n modules ( special thanks to manuelcortez)
  • translations for german, english, portuguese, spain
  • attribute handling
  • barrier mode
  • PTY emulation (run fenrir on desktop in xterm or gnome-terminal)
  • Remote Manager
Multiple drivers for:
  • sound icons (generic, gstreamer)
  • speech (espeak, espeak-ng, generic, speech-dispatcher, emacspeak server)
  • braille (brltty)
  • screen (vcsa, terminal emulation)
  • input (evdev, terminal emulation)
  • remote (unix, tcp)
Roadmap 2.0 (Details):
  • Braille support (WIP)
  • Cleanup/ Bugfixing (WIP)
  • emacspeak server speech backend (WIP)
  • Apple iOS speech backend (ToDo)
  • ATK Input driver (WIP)
  • Advanced SayAll functionality (WIP)
  • Table review mode