We are a girls and guys from all over the world. Our minds are free and we are open to everyone.
It doesn’t matter where are you from, if you are poor or rich, what religion or culture you are.
Our plan is to improve the Linux accessibility, exchange knowledge and help others with those problems.
Or just want to have fun and a good time together.

Some of us create and maintain Linux distributions for people with special needs (Sonar Linux, Vinux and Talking Arch),
others having fun in create big set of tools that will help you in using Linux.
Our Git is currently organized by 3 organizations:
  • Sonar: contains all the sonar GNU Linux development and stuff
  • AIT: (Accessibility Infrastructure and Tools) this is for all tools, helpers and stuff we create for help your daily life
  • AGF: (Accessibility Game Forge) is for gaming, fun, mudding and sound-packs

But all of us are friendly people :)!